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Fuel transfer pumps

Oil pumps, grease pumps, petrol and diesel transfer pumps and also pumps for biofuel transfer. Types include diaphragm pumps, hand pumps, electrical pumps, rotary vane pumps, battery transfer pumps, high-speed pumps, gear pumps and flameproof pumps.

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Fuel Filter – Water & Particle ACC23-02 Removes water and dirt particles Product Details
Battery Drum Mount Pump Kits (DC) PUM18-04 Max. flow 50L/min. Empties 205 litre drum in approx 5 mins Product Details
Air Operated Oil Pumps - Max Inlet Pressure 8bar Pum15-01   Product Details
Hi Capacity Heavy Duty Piston Pump PUM17-02 Capable of up to 75L/min/100 strokes Product Details
Grease Pumps - Pneumatic Mobile Trolleys PUM16-01 Ideal for use in workshops, mining & automotive Product Details
Grease Control Gun ACC21-03 For use with air operated grease pumps Product Details
AC Diesel Drum Kit PUM19-04 This kit of parts fits directly into a 2” socket, for use on 210L Drums & tanks up to 1.5m deep Product Details
Raasm ½” Diaphragm Pump – 60L/m PUM16-04 Max working pressure 8bar inlet Product Details
Biodiesel filter – Water & Particle ACC23-03 Removes water and dirt particles Product Details
AC Piusi Vane Pump for Oil PUM20-02 Max. flow 25 - 50L/min Product Details
Pump Accessories ACC21-01 Wall mounting bracket for oil air stub pumps Product Details
Piusi AC “E” Series Diesel Transfer Pumps PUM19-02 Pumping speeds 75 or 100L/min. 230V Product Details
Raasm 1” Diaphragm Pump – 170L/m PUM16-02 Max working pressure 8bar Product Details
Air Operated Grease Pump Accs. ACC22-01 We supply 15kg, 50kg & 180kg air operated grease pump system kits from stock Product Details
Battery Transfer Pumps PUM18-01 Ideal for mounting into plant equipment, excavators etc Product Details
Battery DC Flameproof Pump Heavy Duty PUM21-01 Choose 12V or 24V Product Details
Fuel Filter – Particle Only ACC23-04 Fits on outlet side only Product Details
Explosion (ATEX) approved pumps Explosion (ATEX) Latest news: NEW PRODUCT RELEASE!!!!! Meters Systems is excited to announce a new product release from one of its reputable brands of premium product Manufacturers Piusi SpA Italy Product Details
Air Operated Grease Pumps - Max Inlet Pressure 8bar Pum15-02   Product Details
Wing Pump 17 Rotary Drum Pump Hi Capacity Heavy Duty Piston Pump Wing Pump Semi rotary double acting Product Details

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