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Meter Systems specialises in supplying equipment suited for:
  • The transfer, siphoning and dispensing of fluids
  • Bulk fluid flow measurement and control (for storage and transportation)
  • Lubrication and greasing equipment
  • Process control
  • Cryogenic gas measurement for bulk transportation

We also provide equipment repaircalibration services, as well as spares and accessories.

PEI MEMBER We are affiliated with the PEI (Petroleum Equipment Institute) since 1992.
Products and Services: Products supplied include flow meters, pumps, nozzles, hoses and hose reels, drainers, dispensers and management equipment, loading arms, folding stairs and a range of spares and accessories.

We provide calibration and equipment repair services and have BS SANS:344:2005 certification for the the measurement of cryogenic gas and liquid CO2. 

Industries: We operate include the Petrochemical, Mining, Lubrication and garage equipment, Agricultural, Heavy duty Industrial, Processing and Transportation & Logistics industries.

Our footprint:
Meter Systems’ reach spans throughout Southern Africa. Our head office is in Sebenza, Johannesburg, with a satellite branch in Durban. We are making inroads into central and northern Africa with distribution partnerships and via our Setpoint offices in Zambia, and also service an international client base.