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For your convenience, and to minimise incorrect use, injury or costly repairs, we have denoted proper use with symbols.
These symbols will assist you to easily identify the products that you require to suit your application.

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Photohelic Switch Gages Pres-Gage02 The Photohelic switch/gauge measures and controls positive, negative or differential pressures of air and compatible gases Product Details
Magnehelic Pressure Gages Pres-Gage01 For High accuracy differential pressure gage Product Details
Rate Master Flowmeters Flow04-13 Rate –Master Flowmeters: For the measuring of air/water at moderate costs Product Details
Flotect Flow Switches Flow04-13-b Flotect Flow Switches: Protects pumps, motors and other equipment against low or no flow Product Details
Flotect Level Switches Flow04-13-c Flotect Level Switches: A wide range of level switches are available from float, capacitive and ultrasound versions Product Details
Dwyer Pressure Switches Flow04-13-d Dwyer Pressure Switches: Applications with hazardous atmospheres and a single positive pressure may require special venting. Product Details

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